Wealth Planning

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Succession Planning

We can assist you in establishing trusts and/or foundations to ensure a smooth succession of wealth. This can help optimize taxation and protect your assets from bankruptcy until your children or beneficiaries reach a certain age.

Family/Ownership Governance

We can help you set up a structure to facilitate communication, voting, and exit among family members or business owners. As your family business grows, we can advise you on establishing a family board to provide clarity over decision-making, responsibilities, ownership privileges, and involvement in the enterprise among family members.

Legal Structuring

We can guide and advise you on setting up a legal asset holding structure to optimize tax and protect your assets. We can help you with the setup of a new entity and advise you on the type of legal structure that would best suit your needs.

Family Charter

Our experts can assist you in setting up a statement of purpose for your family to help align family members in decision-making. We can help you create a document containing a family mission statement, a summary of strategic assets, and an identification of family leaders and decision-making protocols.

Conflict Management

We can serve as an experienced and neutral third party to help resolve family conflicts, such as disputes over selling a stake in a family-owned business.

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